About Us

The Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance

The influence of the African continent on the Caribbean culture is undeniable.  Through food, clothing, dance, music and art, the African culture (especially West African) is still alive in the Caribbean.

The Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance (ACHA) was created to reunite Africa and the Caribbean in the areas of heritage, culture, economics, education and travel. Started by Okama Ekpe Brook, who has worked for the United Nations in different parts of the world and is now based in St. Maarten. ACHA is uniquely based in the hub of the Caribbean, St. Maarten.  Her background working in nation building has uniquely given her a perspective on the relationship between Africa and the Caribbean that can be strengthened and nurtured.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a world where the societies of Africa and the Caribbean are positively reconnected, as a way for all their people to work towards an increased space for sustainable and human development.

Our Vision

To unlock the full potential of the shared African and Carribean Heritage such that by 2025, aligned with the International Decade for People of African Descent, the societies of Africa and the Caribbean are positively reconnected on the pillars of Recognition, Justice and Development and the overall enhancement of the human condition.

Our Strategy

We provide framework for stakeholders engagement to strengthen national, regional and international cooperation and to support the full enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights for people of Africa and Caribbean descents and their full, equal participation in all aspects of society.

Our Team

Okama Ekpe Brook


Aisha Barde

Project Manager

Omini Effiong Enang

Financial Manager/Treasurer

Samuel Walter

Creative Director

Afi Ikori John

Admin and HR Officer

Jude-Okeke Yvonne

Monitoring and Evaluation