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Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance (ACHA) is the organization that reunites Africa and the Caribbean in the areas of heritage, culture, economy, education and travel. Started by Okama Ekpe Brook, who has worked for the United Nations in different parts of the world, ACHA is uniquely based in the hub of the Caribbean, St. Maarten and Nigeria, Africa. Okama, originally Nigerian, fell in love with St. Maarten and the Caribbean, having lived and worked in a number of the islands. Her background working in nation building has uniquely given her a perspective on the relationships between Africa and the Caribbean that can be strengthened and nurtured.


We are building a world where the societies of Africa and the Caribbean are
positively reconnected .

Our Focus

At ACHA, our focus spans across various sectors and behavioural patterns and its interconnected through our cultural heritage.
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Economic Development (Entepreneurship, Trade and Tourism, Foreign Direct Investments)
  • Education and Health
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
Latest Updates

News about ACHA activities and events

ACHA partners Rotary Club to support polio victims
17 Nov 2020

ACHA partners Rotary Club to support polio victims

Walking into the Rotary event last night, it was all excitement because we were about to harvest what we had sown the past few months. Little did I know that I was about to encounter one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life. For you see, as a humanitarian, I have seen various kinds and levels of people sufferings. With the Rotary and ACHA partnership, we coordinated the donation of tricycles to 8 of our rightholders.

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