Why partner with ACHA?

Partnerships between ACHA and other organizations allow a leveraging of the vast networks of contacts, resources and funding to achieve an agreed common goal; that of nurturing economic partnerships, entrepreneurship development, transportation and logistics, business to business matchmakings, poverty alleviation, cultural enhancement, etc.

Several opportunities exist on how to support ACHA. Below we highlight just a few of them.

  • Resource contributions to a Youth Development Fund that allows specific youth targeted activities to be conducted including research, placements, internships, competitions

  • Features and publishing that allows a profiling of your partners individual contributions through publishing in our partnership journals, magazines, and newsletters.

  • Resource contributions to ACHA’s general contribution fund that enables ACHA to initiate and sustain innovative and creative capacity building activities that demonstrate the role that people can play in developing the continents when they are given an opportunity

  • Resource contributions to cost sharing: i.e. contributions for a project, The Africa Center or programme. Co-financing facilitates donors to contribute to ACHA’s events, programs or Centers.

The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Her Excellency, Honourable Sarah Wescot-Williams (left) and the Managing Director of kemba Ventures during the launching of ACHA

Some of ACHA Partners

  • University of The CommonWealth Caribbean
  • University of Lagos
  • OxFam
  • Reocomm Foundation
  • Humanitarian Organization for Research and Development (HORDINT)
  • Hopez Modelling Academy
  • Office of the Special Adviser on Sustainable Development Goal (OSAP)
  • Civil Socierty Organization Working Groups
  • Green Smart Innovation (GSIEL)National Institute of Arts
  • UNESCO National Secretariat, St Maarteen
  • UNESCO National Secretariat, St Kitts & Nevis
  • Philipsburg Jubilee Library
  • St Maarteen DOET Initiative
  • Be The Change Foundation
  • Beyond Writing Foundation
  • VOICE Initiative
  • National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Centre, Curacao
  • Caribbean Studies Association
  • Asombrosox
  • Pad Up Africa
  • Salama 98.1 FM
  • Baram Innovative Sport
  • CIA Fashion
  • Lifestyle Hub
  • HillShore Clinic
  • Pri-global Ventures Limited
  • Edgard Security
  • SureJobz App