Omini Effiong Enang

Financial Manager/Treasurer

Omini Effiong Enang

Omini Effiong is a Nigeria living in Abjua from Cross River State. He is committed, dedicated, humble, Honest, Accommodating and Hard working man, a teacher by profession. He obtained B.SC.ED in Business Education at Cross River University of Technology, Calabar.

He also attended and participated on so many courses and seminars sure as Martime Security and safety Trainings, Human Resource Management Workshops, Entreprenevrial skills Development Trainings, Stock Market Seminar and National Foundation for Raising Entrepreneures. He has made positive contributions to the success and growth of dynamic organizations that recognize and encourages the highest standards of efficiency and integrity such as the; the Dazell B. Company Limited were he work as Internal Auditor; the Stemco Company, where he worked as a cashier and was responsible for making withdrawals, Processing of Vouchers and payment of workers salaries; the Suzzy Gardens and Hotels as the overall manager and Currently, as the Credit Officer at Strongbrics Investment Credit Limited where he assists in processing short and medium term loan facility for low income earners, Artisans, Traders, Farmers, Small scale Entrepreneurs, small Business Owners, Commercial Drivers and Civil/Public Servants.

His strong inter-personal skills enable his flexibility and willingness to accept positive responsibilities while contributing to help people achieve personal goals as well as the any organizational goals. He has contributed significantly to the overall development of peoples lives in tourism, education and financial management. His belief in excellent team work and interest to learn new skills in life makes him a strong prospect for ACHA whereby he will assist in the actualization of the overall vision of the organization. Omini likes to listen to music and engage in sports.