How to benefit from your skills and get hired using Surejobz App as an ACHA member

How to benefit from your skills and get hired using Surejobz App as an ACHA member

How to benefit from your skills and get hired using Surejobz App as an ACHA member

To derive benefits from this App, ACHA members, affiliates and subscribers will need to register through the ACHA WEBSITE at Once there, click on the link “Surejobz App” * from the navigation menu to register. When signing up, add the name suffix “ACHA” to the end of your last name. That helps to identify you as an ACHA member which benefits our NGO when you subscribe on the App.

On December 6, 2021, ACHA signed a partnership agreement with Surejobz App.This App births a dream child of Okama Ekpe Brook, the visionary behind the Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance popularly known as ACHA. With the tagline, positively reconnecting the continents, ACHA has become a platform where Africans, Afro descendants and the Diaspora can support developments in the continent of Africa. This new App allows ACHA to empower more youth and women in Nigeria, in Africa and in the Caribbean to acquire online and offline jobs around the world. Surejobz App has created a system to help employ the thousands of brilliant, creative and smart Nigerians that graduate annually but often can’t find jobs. Starting from Nigeria, this is envisaged as a pan African development model that will expand to the Caribbean. If you are an employer looking for skilled labor, or if you’re a skilled person seeking that desired job, Surejobz App is your solution.

ACHA is founded by Amb. Okama Ekpe Brook and Surejobz App by Alexander O. Oshunloye. Both are Nigerians in Diaspora with a passion to create enduring change for African youth through the gig economy, developments and investments in culture, education, trade and tourism. They both believe achieving sustainability depends largely on complimentary efforts between individuals and governments.

Why choose Surejobz App?

  1. Easy to use app.
  2. Letting jobs find you.
  3. No endless job application or bidding.
  4. Global network of service buyers and sellers.
  5. Online and Offline services near you.
  6. Specific solutions for matching skilled people with employers.
  7. Service ratings, pricing, filtering and location system.

Surejobz App is a Multi-Skill Freelance Job Marketplace that helps you hire the right online and offline skilled people. Our aim is to create a source of income for skilled people and encourage those without skills to acquire some. The App is available on Android, iOS and the Web


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