ACHA partners Rotary Club to support polio victims

ACHA partners Rotary Club to support polio victims

ACHA partners Rotary Club to support polio victims

Walking into the Rotary event last night, it was all excitement because we were about to harvest what we had sown the past few months. Little did I know that I was about to encounter one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life. For you see, as a humanitarian, I have seen various kinds and levels of people sufferings. With the Rotary and ACHA partnership, we coordinated the donation of tricycles to 8 of our rightholders.

So, what really jolted me was when I encountered this little fella. He is 9 years old. He was affected by Polio as a baby and has lived with this handicapp ever since. His smile lights up the room and his voice still echoes in my head. So, even though I thought I had seen it all, this one jolted me to the core.

As the tears dried up and the emotions now in check, I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Abuja, The Granfather Club and the ACHA team for the opportunity to touch one more life. Thank you VOICE Global for giving us a headstart on this project. My dear people, if you think you’re dealing with a difficult situation, imagine what people living with disabilities are going through. If you encounter one along your way, please show them a little love. Thank you Rotarians in Nigeria and around the world. Your work is making a huge impact to EndPolio. Thank you IPP Herbert, IPP Joel Haruna and President Bar. Uduak Ukpeh of the Rotary Club of Abuja, Nigeria, The Grandfather Club. Our wellbeing is interlinked.

By Amb. Okama Ekpe Brook, president ACHA 🙏💜🙏💚



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